Aliyah's Impact at 14

Our Reason

Our precious Aliyah Marie lost her life at the young age of 14 while trick-or-treating with a friend on 10/31/2022. Aliyah was a bright and shining star who spread her love, joy, and kindness to others in need. She didn't care about cultures or colors, if she considered you a friend, you were her friend. She was an earth angel who came here with the purpose of infecting and impacting others with her love because it was all she knew. Aliyah's Legacy of Love was created to finish what she started by impacting others through 365 days of love, kindness, and generosity.

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Our Mission

Give out love, joy, and kindness 24/7, 365 days a year not because you expect something in return, but because kindness births love

Our Fundraising Campaigns

Aliyah's Attic

Aliyah left behind a closet full of new and gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories when she passed away. H&M and Shein were two of Aliyah's favorite stores to buy school clothes or items she needed for special occasions. The mission is to provide underprivileged teenage girls with clothing, shoes, and accessories from Aliyah's closet in the Fall and Spring. We accept donations of new or gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories for teenage girls. We are willing to accept clothing for teenage boys, but most of items in the closet will be for teenage girls. We want to partner with donors and with teenagers in need.

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Compassion for the Community

 After leaving the abusive relationship I shared with Aliyah's father we lived in a few hotels, and once I found stability within myself, I had the ability to provide Aliyah with permanent housing. Aliyah never went without a meal or lunch for school. When you make a donation to Aliyah's Legacy of Love's compassion for the community program, you assist a child with the feeling of security, safety, and provide a hot meal. 

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Daily Random Acts of Kindness

A daily random act of kindness that's free could be offering a compliment to a stranger, holding the door for a stranger, or posting a motivational quote on your social feed. A daily random act of kindness that's monetary could be paying for the order behind you in the Starbucks line or offering to pay for someone's gas while you're at the gas station. Daily random acts of kindness often go a long way and have the greatest impact on our society. Join Aliyah's Legacy of Love and pay it forward daily with random acts of love and kindness each day. Consider adding a smile and value to someone today, and if you cannot participate daily, we'll happily pay it forward on your behalf with your donation.

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Sponsorship Event Fund

Every child deserves to experience the joy found in participating in group activities outside of school, but they often lack the necessary funds to participate. Aliyah's Legacy of Love would like to partner with people in our community who desire to help bring joy to the lives of children through our sponsorship fund. In 2015, I left the abusive relationship I had with Aliyah's father, and as I single mother, I couldn't always afford the chaperone ticket. Still, I tried to ensure Aliyah's participation in these experiences with her peers. When you make a donation to our sponsorship fund, you help numerous children attend group activities and field trips.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are an online charity organization, but we would love the support of those who want to volunteer when we host events in the community. If you're interested in volunteering, please provide your email address below, and we'll email you in advance when we have volunteer opportunities. We may require assistance with organizing clothing donations and help setting up events. Please also sign up if you have a facility we can use to host our give-back events. 

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Spreading love, joy, and kindness 24/7, 365 days a year in loving memory of Aliyah Marie. 

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